African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) and the ClimDev-Africa programme

ClimDev-Africa, a regional initiative that is jointly undertaken by the AUC, ECA and AfDb, is to work towards: enabling effective adaptation activities in climate-sensitive sectors: agriculture and food security; water resources; energy; and health; strengthening Africa’s climate and development institutions at regional, sub-regional and national levels; filling gaps in climate information, analysis and options needed by policy/decision-makers at all levels; and, enhancing the use of climate information in decision-making by improving analytical capacity, knowledge management, dissemination activities and capacity-building. ACPC on the other hand is to: deliver on the policy component of ClimDev-Africa; assist, through AUC and AMCEN, Africa’s preparation for, and participation in global climate negotiations – towards Copenhagen; support efforts of African States in mainstreaming climate change concerns into development policies and frameworks; and guide and facilitate the implementation of ClimDev-Africa field-level operations. The programme and the ACPC have an Africa-wide focus.

Overall Objective

ECA-based ACPC is to serve as ClimDev-Africa knowledge-management and Policy/project-facilitation arm that is working in the area of climate change mitigation, adaptation and international negotiations including the mainstreaming of climate change into development frameworks.


Thu, 2009-01-01


Western Africa
Southern Africa
Northern Africa
Middle Africa
Eastern Africa




ACPC (about US$ 35 mil); ClimDev-Africa (US$ 140 million for 4 years)


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